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Excavator Thumbs

So you are looking for an Excavator Thumb? Excavator thumbs can add a lot of value and functionality to an excavator which can add value to your business! By adding an excavator thumb you'll be able to easily grab and pickup material with full control. This can speed up the process of just about any excavator job.

What’s really nice is that some excavator thumbs such as the POWERBRUTE Hydraulic Excavator Thumb by Amulet has the ability to pull all the way back to the dipper stick so that it’s out of the way when not needed. Another nice feature about some of the Hydraulic excavator thumbs is that can be operated separately from the bucket allowing more control over material.

Hydraulic Mini Excavator Thumbs

Just because your machine weighs less than 5 tons doesn't mean it can't do some serious work. Many jobs require a mini-x simply due to the lack of space available for a large machine. The absolute quickest way to get the most out of your mini excavator is to add a thumb. Not only will the thumbs from Amulet perform great on your machine, but they won't break the bank, and are simple to install. Contact the great folks at EverythingAttachments today to get a quote on the perfect rigid or hydraulic thumb for your mini excavator today and take advantage of their coast to coast free shipping!

Hydraulic vs Rigid Thumbs

Hydraulic vs rigid, there are pros and cons to both. Hydraulic excavator thumbs can be very convenient and speed up the process of some jobs. Hydraulic excavator thumbs can also be very expensive and require plumming on the boom sticks. A rigit excavator thumb can be a bit more labor intensive however they can have a tighter grip than hydraulics and also can be a lot less expensive. If you need to move the thumb often then a hydraulic thumb might be a better choice, if your looking to tear down a lot of trees and need that extra tight grip then a rigid may be a better choice.

Features for Excavator Thumbs

  • Independent operations from bucket.
  • A Remote Main Pin that works with most buckets and quick couplers.
  • Full Length Base Plate
  • Open Back for improved visibility
  • Large Diameter Hardened Pins Throughout
  • Constructed of High Strength Alloy for maximum performance and minimum weight
  • Easy Installation and maintenance
  • Stores Flat when not in use

Video of an Excavator Thumb in action

Excavator Thumbs for sale

Amulet PowerClamp Hydraulic Excavator Thumb

Amulet PowerClamp Hydraulic Excavator Thumb The Amulet PowerClamp adds a lot of versatility to excavators by allowing it to grab objects such as logs, large rocks, and other working materials. The PowerClamp Hydraulic Thumb features low-wear serrated teeth, steel allow build, and hydraulic cylinders. This PowerClamp will easily cut your work load down and save you a lot of time. Logging, demolition, recycling or what ever the profession this PowerClamp will get the job done. Click here for more details

Amulet POWERBRUTE Hydraulic Excavator Thumb

Amulet POWERBRUTE Hydraulic Excavator Thumb While one thumb might do great for most jobs sometimes the job requires just the right tool so with that in mind the POWERBRUTE Hydraulic Excavator Thumb by Amulet is another great thumb for both backhoes and excavators. With the mounting plated included this thumb is easy to install and only requires you to have the stick plumbed for the hydraulics. These types of Thumbs come in different weight classes so be sure to get the one that is best suited for your excavator or backhoe. Click here for more details